Crypto Assets for Passive Income

A Non-Techie Guide and Investors’ Handbook for the Cryptocurrency Markets
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What Will You Learn From This Book?

4 key points that the author will share with you in his latest book.

Chasing After The Next Big Thing

Why being early and a first mover in the market is so beneficial in your crypto assets journey.

Picks and Shovels

Using the concept made well-known by the California Gold Rush event, discover how it can be applied to build up your crypto asset portfolio without having to endure huge risk exposure.

Discover a Way to Value Crypto Assets

Learn a valuation model which the author has used to determine what crypto assets are undervalued, overvalued or even highly speculative.

Bitcoin Halving Event and Why it Matters to You

Bitcoin halving effect explained, how it impacts the market and why you need to take massive action.

Who This Book Is For

This book is written in a way that is simple to understand and to-the-point. It allows you to quickly understand what cryptocurrency is about and how you can take advantage of the ideas found in the book and turn it into your own actionable plan.

Newbies and Beginners

Whether you are new or have some prior experience to cryptocurrency, using non-tehnical layman terms, the author presents his research and findings into a simple yet comprehensive handbook which you can understand and put into action.

Seasoned Veterans

If you have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with cryptocurrencies, this book serves as an excellent guide in showing another perspective of valuing and identifying crypto assets in great detail that you can look into adding to your portfolio.

What's Included

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    In the video series, the author will explain in depth about the book and as well as sharing bonus content not found in the book.
  • Bonus 2 - Tokenclan Account:
    Free Tokenclan account
    (30 Days of Unlimited Price History Data Access, after the 30 days access, the account will only be limited to showing 30-Day price history data) which is the data tool that the author uses to research, create and execute his plan in creating a portfolio of crypto assets.

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See what other juggernauts in the crpytocurrency
and investment space are saying...
"Cryptos are the stepping stones for the redesign of the financial system and our future. This book demystifies investing in cryptos!"
Richard Olsen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer,
"Not many people know how to invest in crypto currencies. This book gives you a clear understanding on what you should do to get additional income."
Omar Chen
Vice President and CEO, and ZBG exchange
"Crypto assets are hard assets, but most of the world hasn’t recognized them as such yet."

Roger Ver
Chief Executive Officer,
"This book is a defintiely a must read for those who wants to get started. The author has been able to use his knowledge in forex and stocks to apply to crypto. I enjoy reading it."
Daniel Loh
DL Investment Director,
"It is knowledgeable, practical and teaches you about analyzing crypto assets and the underlying intrinsic value the businesses bring. A valuable insight for any investor foraging into this space."
Seeni Jay G
Treasury Head, Neo-Remittance,
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About The Author

Hi Friend, my name is Warren Seah and warm welcome to my book launch page. I am the author of the newly launched book titled “Crypto Assets for Passive Income”.

A bit of background about myself:
i am a full stack Javascript developer and have been developing Forex trading and analysis software applications for the past 14 years. During those times, i have worked with financial brokers to power and provide support to their technology infrastructure and applications that run their day-to-day operations.

I am an avid fan of finance and technology which is why i decided to positioned myself as a tech developer for the financial industry; the 2 things that i love and enjoy. Being a tech and finance guy, the one things i always fall back on is data. It is because of data, i am able to derive patterns, discover new findings and affirm existing ideas. And data will always be the lifeblood and backbone of all my research and findings which then i can use to test out projects before scaling them.

In late 2016, when i was introduced by a close friend to a book titled “The Bitcoin Standard” written by Saifedean Ammous. It was then that i decided to delve deeper into the subject and seek to understand why Bitcoin is lauded as the “Digital Gold”. The marriage of finance and technology, the 2 subjects that i am most passionate about has led me to research deeply and develop experiments that i can use to build my own crypto assets portfolio.

As of today, i am proud to share my 2 years of research, experimentation and findings on crypto assets through my book as i walk you through my crypto journey on how you can take into consideration my various points that i am going to share with you to create your own crypto portfolio.

In the book, i talked about mainly on 3 things: a method (strategy), a model (valuation) and an event (trigger). These 3 points make up the key factors derived from my research and experimentation which i believe will serve you well before the next possible crypto bull market. Join my telegram channel if you are interested in receiving more crypto news and updates from me.